Month: April 2015

Library Life

Hi Friends,

(I am fully aware that no one reads this blog but I will still address my nonexistent readers as friends, ok? Ok.)

College has taken over my life. It is true that if you look at my very poorly done LinkedIn profile you will see that my occupation is college student. THOUGH, I do not enjoy the thought that college is my life. It is sad. It is depressing. And it is overwhelming. I have roughly two weeks left of my sophomore year of college and I SO BADLY want it to be over with – breakdown season is in full swing! I’m at that point where I am questioning how any of this will aid in my future success… Like how is studying the history of fashion in the 1910s going to do anything for my future??? BUT I mustn’t think like that! It’s time for me to suck it up and JUST DO IT. Well, anyway, I’m going to go back to studying white privilege now (thanks, Sociological Imagination:101!). If I made it through one year of college alive, I sure as hell can make it through another. At least I hope I can.


This is me at this very moment.

Pray for me!


Building Character (& Learning to Love the Struggle)

My mom does this thing where whenever I complain about something (like having to walk a mile to the train station in the pouring rain) she replies with “it builds character.” I find this incredibly annoying. I don’t want to build character, I have enough character! Though, what I’ve learned in these past few months of intense struggle is to live and appreciate every single hardship because at the end of the day one can never have enough character. At this point in my life I am sort of paying my dues – and this includes kissing people’s butts while working my own butt off. This sort of work-without-rewards is a major struggle, but I am sort of starting to enjoy it. It’s kind of like working three jobs in order to save your money to buy  that car you’ve really wanted, then finally being able to purchase that car with your hard-earned money. The hard work will ultimately make you happy. And your ability to reflect on how you’ve earned that car all by yourself will be the absolute best feeling in the world. Though you will only get this feeling after an extreme period of intense struggle. BUT you will look back knowing the struggle was 110% worth it. So that’s where I’m at right now – working my way through that struggle period full of hard work – though knowing that I’ll look back on these moments with a smile on my face. So yes mom, it pains me to admit it, but I guess you could say I am building character.

FullSizeRender 9

This picture was taken after I walked a mile to the train station in the rain (& stopped by Starbucks).