Month: June 2015

“The Schedule One”

When a drunk man calls you the “schedule one” it’s not want you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear. 
I was working/attending this event in the city on Monday night and on my way out ran into a few intoxicated older men. We all happened to be waiting for the elevator (event was in a penthouse by the way, and yes I’m totally bragging) so I stood there and giggled at their drunkenness. But when it was time for me to get in my cab back to Grand Central, where I’d take the train home, they were quick to invite me “out” with them. “We’ll bring you to Soho House” one exclaimed as I slowly turned my back and started walking away, “I have to catch a train and I have work tomorrow!” I yelled back. Just then, the other (more attractive) intoxicated (older) man said, “oh I get it, you’re the schedule one.” What the f-ck does that mean? Why not just call me the “uptight one” a–hole?? But as I slipped away, waiving goodbye to my perspective sugar daddies, I realized that YES, I AM the schedule one. I freaking loooove me a good schedule!
It wasn’t always this way, ya know? There was this time in high school where I could give two you-know-whats about a schedule. But times have changed, and so have I. I often feel like I can’t function, like life can’t go on, unless I have a written-down schedule. I mean I’m being dramatic, I can totally function without a schedule. Some call it obsessive – and though I can’t totally disagree with that statement – I just don’t see the harm in a very scheduled life. Schedules keep me calm and make me happy and it’s about time I come to terms with that!
IMG_2829 2
Picture from the night I had this “revelation,” if you will.

The F*cked Up Things About Social Media

In our society social status is everything, and your social status is determined by how many instagram followers you have. 

I overheard a conversation the other day that went something like this:

“wait, who is she?”

“I don’t know but I guess she’s pretty important.”

“but she doesn’t even have that many instagram followers…”

So this made me think – how f-ed up is social media, really?

In my mind I’ve always used social media as a way to share my life and as a way to seek insight into the lives of others. I guess we’re all a little nosey and things like instagram and Facebook allow us to know what’s going on in our ex’s life without it being totally weird. Ok, maybe scrolling down to 132 weeks ago on that guy-you-met-at-that-party-one-time’s instagram is weird, but no one will ever know so it’s kinda ok. But that right there is perhaps one of our biggest problems – social media users can 100% hide behind their computer screens in everything they do. Here’s a scenario for you: girl posts a picture of a cupcake on instagram but girl also has an eating disorder. You as the viewer only see what’s presented to you which is often times incredibly shallow, therefore you (and I) fail to understand what the person on the other side of that post is really like and/or going through.

About a year ago my sister deleted all of her social media accounts. Her reason being, “why would I want to see how great everyone else’s life is everyday?” I didn’t totally understand what she meant at first because in my head, why wouldn’t you want to see how great everyone’s life is everyday?? But what she meant was, social media allows people to filter what they wish to share. No, I’m not talking about those photo editing options you have on instagram, but rather the content in which people choose to share. Everyone has their good days and their bad days, but quite often people will only share the good days. And on the rare occasion that a bad day is shared it is done in a way to receive sympathy, with a sort of “feel bad for me” innuendo attached to it.

Now I’d be lying if I said that I don’t care about how many likes I get on an instagram picture or that I don’t only ever share the positive aspects of my life. I never really saw the problem in this, especially when I was 16 and believed that my social life was eeeeeverything – but now I do. I honestly believe that we are setting future generations up for serious mental health and body image issues through our very own use of social media. Yes, that picture of you on some incredible beach vacation will be seen by someone in a less-perfect place who will immediately compare and as-a-result hate their life because it’s not like yours. I hate to sound like I’m blaming all social media users for others distress because I am just as guilty here as everyone else. I guess my only hope in writing this super long post is to raise awareness over the fact that social media sometimes does more harm than good. Just knowing this, I am way more conscious about the things I post and the things I say because at the end of the day my goal is never to make someone feel worthless, and I so desperately hope that your’s isn’t either. Let us also not fail to realize that behind that perfectly posed for selfie is a real person just like you who has real problems just like you.

Just something to think about…

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