90s Baby

It all started with Kylie Jenner’s lip injections.

I am a product of the 90s and feel this sort of connection with the era that I want to re-live. I came across a picture of Kylie Jenner (and her new lip injections) and noticed the 90’s-esque lipstick shade adorning her (very large) lips. I now have this nostalgic obsession with bringing back the 1990s.

The Inspiration:


Kate Moss for Calvin Klein Circa 1991


Jennifer Aniston Circa 1994-2004


An all time favorite – Pretty Woman Circa 1990

On Location for the video "Sometimes"

My first celebrity idol – Britney Spears Circa 1999


Spice Girls Circa 1996


Stay tuned for how I dress with a 90s influence.


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