Lunch at Yves Saint Laurent

I hope this is what heaven looks like.

photo copy 4

Ingrid and I have this tradition where everyday during our lunch break we visit one of the stores in our area. When your “area” is home to Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Berdorf Goodman’s, and Yves Saint Laurent (to name a few) you just have to take a peek inside. We’ve covered most places in the area but today was our first time entering the Saint Laurent store on West 57th street.

YSL has this way of illuminating their store in such a crisp and clean fashion – I nearly forgot I had just left the dirty city sidewalk. It’s so calm and peaceful and their staff isn’t the stuck-up bunch one would expect at such a high-end store. So what did I do while I was browsing through Saint Laurent? I tried on shoes, duh!

These babies were on sale too – I am now accepting donations to the “Buy Sam a Pair of Designer Heels” fund!

photo copy 5




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