On My Desk

A classic case of the Mondays.

photo copy 6-001

I really don’t like Mondays. All weekend I live in this fantasy of sleeping in and lying out in the sun then Monday morning strikes like a slap in the face.

But I digress – back to what’s on my desk…

I was greeted by my boss this morning with three issues of Vogue – Vogue Accessory, Vogue Italia, and Beauty in Vogue, all of which helped to improve my Monday by a lot. Then there’s my “to-do” list with a few doodles because my brain simply cannot be expected to focus today. I also have my gorgeous silver necklace which I took off for comfort reasons (If I’m going to suffer – I plan to suffer comfortably). Along with a list of New York retail stores (my work for today) and my usual bottle of Pellegrino next to my orchid plant, both of which keep me content.


A third cup of coffee is sounding really good right now…


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