Food Photography

When Ingrid, Alexa, and Sam go out to dinner.

photo 22

Last night after work, Ingrid, Alexa, and I met up for dinner at The Smith in Midtown. Now you must remember, each one of us has our own blog and each one of us enjoys food just as much as the other. So what happens when you mix food and blogging? Pictures – lots and lots of pictures. We first order an appetizer to share and before the plate even hits the table, Alexa and I prep our phones for some food photography. As we both struggle to find the perfect angle, aesthetic, and lighting, Ingrid whips out the big guns. That’s right, in her tiny little satchel bag was her not-so-tiny DSLR camera and as she snaps away I slowly tuck my iPhone camera away in shame. This process continues for our main courses as well. I ordered the roasted tomato soup and Mexican corn off the cob – it hit alllllll the right places.

photo 24 photo 23

Alexa and Ingrid in their natural states.

Then, us food-enthusiasts all agreed that no amazing meal is complete without an equally as incredible dessert. Ingrid has been wanting to try out the cupcake ATM and Alexa insists that we try this weird place with a name I cannot for the life of me pronounce. I am intrigued by both, and with a route mapped out we decide to give each a shot. First stop – the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Unlike dinner, everyone else around us is equally as amused by this vending machine serving fresh cupcakes. So we (just like everybody else) take videos of the process of purchasing a cupcake from an ATM. The process was pretty cool, but I must say – not as magical as I envisioned it to be.* Then was Momofuku Milk Bar – home of “cereal milk.” What is cereal milk? Well, now that I’ve tried it I can tell you – “cereal milk” is cereal milk. It’s really that simple. It’s corn flakes soaked in milk then strained to create that sweet tasting milk we enjoy after a bowl of cereal. It was interesting and a fun little thing to try but far too sweet for my liking. I also picked up one of Karlie’s Perfect 10 Kookies which I enjoyed on the train ride home. This I thoroughly enjoyed every last crumb of – nearly guilt free thanks all natural ingredients!

photo 26

*I imagined something more along the lines of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, maybe Johnny Depp would throw on a wig and some cooky sunglasses and hand out cupcakes himself?! With golden tickets in the wrappers??!!!!? When Sprinkles comes out with something like that – puh-lease let me know.

photo 25 photo 28

Ingrid ❤ cupcake & proof that Sam doesn’t just photograph food, she eats it too.



P.S. I linked to all the food places I mentioned incase you are interested in checking any of them out (which I highly suggest you do).

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