Shoes, Art, and Westport

Yesterday was a very busy day. Today? Not so much.

Thursday started off with an early train ride into the city to meet Alexa at the Gansevoort Hotel for a sneak-peek of Sole Society‘s new fall line. Whereas today started off with a bowl of oatmeal and my couch, that was after I slept in an extra few hours. After breakfast with Sole Society I headed to my office and began to wrap things up before my last day on Wednesday. Today, after oatmeal, I continued my time on the couch with roughly six episodes of Gossip Girl. Yesterday I worked straight through lunch but finished things up an hour early to head to the MoMA with my boss. Six episodes of Gossip Girl later, I made a trip to the kitchen, scrounged up some food, and headed straight back to the couch for, you guessed it, more Gossip Girl. The MoMA was great but I was in a hurry to head home and meet up with Nora for dinner. I then took a break from Gossip Girl to be just a little productive and sit at the mechanic for an hour while something got fixed on my car (I am the least car-savvy person ever). I was back in CT after the MoMA and off to dinner at bartaco in Westport on the water, we waited almost an hour for a table, but Nora and I did a pretty good job at entertaining ourselves (and the birds). Currently, I am back on the couch writing this post and waiting for dinner to be ready – some days are just more exciting than others.


photo 36 photo 37 photo 39

Breakfast + Shoes = Happy Sam. I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair of booties and I think I found just the pair at Sole Society yesterday morning – score! The Gansevoort was the perfect location for this event – I’ll never get sick of rooftops.


photo 41

photo 40 photo 42

There are some exhibits at the MoMA that could’ve used some explaining, I had quite a few of those what the heck am I looking at?! moments. Nonetheless, the classics were beautiful and Jackson Pollock never fails to amaze me.

Westport, CT

photo 46

photo 45 photo 47

The Westport harbor at sunset is the place to be. Nora got friendly with some swans and I hopped on a bench and pretended to be “Queen of the world!”


Yesterday was so fun and exciting while today was spent “recovering” from all the excitement and yet again, lack of sleep during the work week. Now I am off to go check on when dinner will be ready – doing nothing all day is exhausting!


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