I’m On a Train

Incase you were wondering what was going through my head at the moment.


A lil’ taste of spring in Boston, MA earlier today

The girl with fair skin and glossy brown hair sitting in front of me just made a dinner reservation for 12 Harvard Law students, paid for using another person’s credit card. She seems old enough (I’d say mid-twenties) to know how this whole train thing works but keeps making rookie mistakes like misplacing her ticket and trying to eat a salad while the train shoves her side-to-side. There is also a man, around the same age as her, I suppose, sitting on the opposite side of the aisle and a row directly in front of the fair skinned girl. He wears round smart-looking glasses, a soft blue button-down, and eats out of a container of hummus. Yes, the entire container, and the conclusion I’ve drawn from that is, he simply gives no f*cks. Directly to my right there is another gentleman, again around the same age as the other two, propped up in his chair, typing away on his laptop, referring to the battery life of his devices as “juice.” His conversation with the older man next to him went like this: “Do you need to plug that in? You can use the outlet next to me.” “Hmmm no thanks, I still have a little juice left.” I heard this and cringed. Lastly, there is the young lady sitting directly to my left, who was writing viciously in her bright yellow notepad when I sat down, but is now curled up in the fetal position sleeping. She was hesitant to let me sit with her – our conversation went like this: “Is anyone sitting here?” “Ummmmm no.” Her lengthy “ummmmm” made me realize that she’d rather I not sit with her, so I sat my ass down as a sort of, well I’m definitely gonna sit next to you now that I know you don’t want me to. HA!


My cell phone is about to die and girl-in-the-fetal-position is currently blocking the outlet with her body.

That is all.


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