Day: October 7, 2015

London: When Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off

“It was a good effort,” my Styling Professor assured me after tearing my hours and HOURS of hard work apart.

BTS PR Project

A behind-the-scenes look of a separate project I did for PR class, which was slightly more successful.

I’m coming to terms with the things I am good at whilst also coming to terms with the things I suck at.

I am good at writing. At least I like to think I am good at writing. Shit, if I suck at writing than what am I even doing here? Or better yet, what are YOU even doing here? JK, you’re prob here because you’re my mom and sometimes (i.e. all of the time) I think she is honestly the only one who reads these things. *Insert painful laughing/crying face here*

I suck at fashion. And that totally sucks for me because after all, I am in the process of earning a degree in FASHION Communications. I mean I like fashion and all but am discovering that I am simply not good at it.

And this brings me (finally) to my entire point of this post — you know when you put a lot of hard work and effort into something just to find out that someone hates it? In my case that “something” was my styling project and that “someone” was my styling professor. So I’m studying at this school called “London College of Fashion” which sounds totally legit which it totally is because they totally take fashion SO seriously here, but the one teeny tiny problem I have is that I (as previously stated) suck at fashion. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that my Professor didn’t like the way I “styled” (“styled” is in quotes because you can hardly call what I do “styling”) a floral print peplum top with a not-matching pair of floral print Dr Martens. I get it, I suck at fashion – but it still sucks knowing that no matter what I do I will always (probably) suck.

Though I’ve decided to take this as a life lesson. That lesson being, maybe I shouldn’t pursue a career in fashion. I know what you’re thinking – one bad grade and you’re already giving up? No, I promise that’s not the case. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, maybe fashion isn’t my thing. It’s fun for now, and I’ll by no means be changing my major this late in the game, but there’s only so much effort I can put into something before realizing that something simply wasn’t meant to be. Fashion and I? Well we’re just not meant to be, I guess.