A Sprint Down 5th Ave.

photo 1 copy 2

My heart is pounding, my hands tremble as they struggle to type, and my calves ache in such a way that the pain radiates up into my thighs. Sounds like a scene from a horror movie – the horror movie I call About to Miss My Train Home. Seems a bit dramatic of me, I know. But what can I say? I’m dramatic.

I write to you from the train (good news – I made it!) and that blur of a sprint down one of the most week-known avenues in the world is beginning to sharpen. In those speedy 15 blocks I said goodbye to my boss, took a quick glimpse at that thing they’re building in Rockefeller Center (if you’ve seen it recently you’ll understand my confusion), pushed my way through a heated argument between two very well-dressed European men, and with the little breathe I had left asked a stranger where our train was headed. Now, as I sink myself deeper into this strangely comfortable seat on the train, I will introduce myself to you – whoever you are. I am Samantha, or any variation of that i.e. Sam, Sammy, Princess, etc. I’ve been called a slew of nicknames my whole life and chances are, if you call to me, I won’t answer – something my mother likes to call “selective hearing.” And as for how old I am – well, you know how older people like to lie about their age to appear younger? I do that too, except in the opposite way they do, so just don’t ask. The boss I mentioned earlier, she’s a super cool (for a lack of better words) jewelry designer located at the heart of high-fashion in New York City. My current job title is “social media intern” and in an attempt to not bore you (apologies if I already have) I will simplify my job description by saying, I am the girl who manages her social media accounts. Despite my dream to one day live in The Big Apple, I currently live at home in Connecticut with my mother, father, older sister, and cat, Mickey. Ew, I just re-read that last sentenced a threw up a little – my life sounds so ordinary, and if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s how much I dislike anything (and everything) ordinary. The world itself causes my muscles to tense and palms to sweat. Let’s not ever use that word again – ok? OK.

I digress – let us return to this whole “blog” thing. Recently, my life has taken a huge turn, and that turn placed me straight in the fashion lane. I am so grateful and excited to be where I am – surrounded by beautiful things, beautiful clothes, beautiful places, and beautiful adventures. In an attempt to not miss a single second of it, I will combine my passion for writing and novice photography skills to create this blog.

I really hope I don’t disappoint.

Samantha Guarnieri

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