A New Love Interest

I fell in love with a pair of Gucci boots.

A typical morning – I trudge my belongings out of Grand Central and begin my much anticipated walk to work. And when I say, “much anticipated” I am not being sarcastic. This is seriously one of my favorite parts of the day – I walk past some of the most well-known designer stores (i.e. Versace, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.) and let me tell you, I am all about the window displays. A visual designer is vital to a store and can really make or break a brand, in my opinion.

This morning, as my heavy eyelids struggled to keep themselevs open I was struck by something in the Gucci window that made my eyes widen. I stopped right in my tracks, something I never do (ensuring a steady flow of pedestrian traffic down Fifth Ave is essential) but I simply could not help myself. It started with a beautiful fluffy sweater that I so desperately wanted to curl up with during those wee hours of the morning. My eyes then wandered down to what the mannequin had on her (its?) plastic feet. A shining pair of angels – halo and all, a stunning set of black leather boots, completed by a chunky platform heel and shiny silver zipper running along the inside. The boots themselves were beautiful pieces of art but when paired with black knit socks peeking just over the top of them, those black Gucci boots became the epitome of perfection (in my eyes, at least). The style as a whole spoke to me, luring me in, as I studied every square inch of those bad boys. Really though, they were quite bad-ass in appearance but also very chic and sophisticated? Ugh I am seriously struggling for words. In the simplest of simple terms, I LOVE THEM.

As soon as I sat my tired behind down in my desk chair I brought up the Gucci website and searched for the new loves of my life. I nearly cried when I discovered them – partly due to their beauty but mostly due to their heart-breaking price tag. As I sat and seriously considered the investment, I came to my senses and ruled them out of my budget.

A few tears and tissues later – I cannot wait to purchase me a pair of look-a-like Gucci black leather platform boots in an effort to appear (almost) as fabulous as those spoiled, creepy mannequins.


And now, a few poor quality iPhone photos (LOL at my reflection):

photo 3 copy


Alla Moda,



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