The Patriotism Continues

More fireworks and ice cream.

My 4th of July weekend was extended an extra day when my sister, cousins, and I took a trip down to the beach to watch yet another town’s fireworks. Hurricane Arthur really messed up everyone’s schedule, causing one town to post-pone their fireworks to Monday night. I’m not complaining though, as we had an amazing time. Our night started with a little grilling in my cousins backyard and ended with ice cream – those are the summer nights I live for. Here’s a little of what happened in between:

Fireworks – I seriously can’t get enough of these pretty little exploding things.

My cousin brought a few paper lanterns to the beach which were so beautiful to watch light up and fly away in the dark sky.

Me running away from the lantern like a baby, good thing my sister had it covered!

And that’s how I turned the Fourth of July into the “Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh of July.”

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