Block Island Memories

I’m home now *sad face* and reminiscing about allllll the fabulous memories I made while in Block Island.


1. Celebrating Daddy’s 50th birthday at his favorite restaurant on the island – Eli’s. IMG_9856



2. The Mohegan Bluffs – I hope this is what heaven looks like.



3. Having the softest feet ever, thanks to nature’s natural foot exfoliant (i.e. sand and rocks).



4. Watching my dad channel his inner little boy while building a rock tower (and then ordering chicken tenders for lunch… how old is he again?).

IMG_9950 IMG_9957


5. Sail boats on the coastguard beach.



6. Flowers…. EVERYWHERE.

IMG_0019IMG_0048  IMG_0046IMG_9862


7. This guy.



“Oh yaaa feed it to me mmmmm”IMG_0052


8. The foggy weather we had on Monday.



9. Beach roses that smell absolutely heavenly.



not photographed

10. When my mom got tipsy off half a Bloody Mary at lunch and had to walk her bike home – I LOLed the entire time.

11. The amount of times I heard “that’s what she said.”

12. A much-needed two hour nap I took on Friday.

13. And eating peanut butter fudge ice cream with rainbow sprinkles THREE days in a row.


Until next time Block Island,


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