Half Marathon Training: The Start of Something New

Half marathon here I come!

I started seriously running at the beginning of this year and ever since completing my first 5k in April I’ve wanted to push myself even further. I LOVE a challenge and there really is no bigger challenge than running 13.1 miles – I’m out of breathe just thinking about it. But eventually, in just 12 short weeks to be exact, I will be keeled over at the finish line having just completed my first half marathon. This weekly series will be a way for me to keep track of and serve as a reminder to how far I’ve come in completing one of the most physically and mentally challenging tasks of my life. I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF I’M SO EXCITED!

photo 50

My first training week down, I feel uh-mazing! The training schedule I am following starts off easy for the first two weeks then slowly begins to pick up. Also, since I spent my first week of training at home, my mom and I were able to run together. We decided to sign up for the half-marathon as a pair, this way we can motivate each other. And even though I’m three hours away from her right now 😥 we plan to continue to train together, just in separate places. I must say, a running buddy does make the experience a whole lot better. I like to run at a pace that I am still able to hold a steady conversation and there truly is no better distraction from exhaustion (and a little suffering) than being able to have a conversation with someone. So, if you plan on running a race, or just running at all, my number one tip is to drag someone along with you. Even though my mom won’t be here to run with me everyday, we still serve as motivation to each other and hold the other accountable for sticking to the training schedule. That’s right mom – no skipping days!

About the shoes – it’s been a solid year since I’ve purchased a new pair of sneakers and my old ones just weren’t doing the job anymore. Sport’s Authority was having a huge sale Labor Day weekend so I picked up these flashy new pair of ASICS. I typically don’t go for super flashy but I’m hoping that when I “can’t run any further” I’ll take a glimpse down at these bad boys and gain a second wind.

So if you see a girl running with rainbows on her feet, it’s just me.


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