Half Marathon Training: Creating a Routine

I wish I could put into words how crazy this past week has been, but I can’t.

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I’ve started a new school year, in a new home, with new classes, and new faces – it is exhausting. With so many new things happening I’ve struggled to find a new training routine that works for my schedule. I’m slowly figuring out when I can run and where I can run but I still don’t have everything down-pat. Speaking of where to run, I got lost a few times last week while running outdoors, but then again it’s all part of the learning process. I also found myself unintentionally running an extremely hilly route and struggling to finish. On top of a new routine, my shins are struggling to grow accustom to my change in paths. At home I often run on dirt/gravel trails, but while at school I often run on the sidewalk or in the road. Hello shinsplints. While on my life-is-so-difficult rant I must add that I’ve been sick these past couple of days. There appears to be mold growing in my ceiling and my sinuses¬†decided to go a-wall on me. Things got so bad on Sunday (my long run day) that I had to skip my run altogether. So now that I’ve bored you with all of my stresses, let me add that I am slowly but surely figuring my new routine out. Balancing classes, homework, training, work, and attempting to have a social like is very difficult – but then again, I love being busy. (That wasn’t sarcasm, I swear).


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