Sneakers Are Taking Over

Why you should go buy sneakers. Now. Right now.

Sneakers 1

via The Sartorialist  

I was scrolling through The Sartorialist the other night and could not help but notice that every single image portrayed an impeccably dressed woman… WEARING SNEAKERS. It didn’t matter how expensive the outfit or how exquisite the dress, everyone completed their ensemble with a sporty and very casual shoe. Up until now I had this idea that women who paired skirts with sneakers were more functional than fashionable but suddenly I’ve been forced to question that theory. Sneakers are no longer for the mere use of comfort and practicality but to actually make a fashion statement (what?!??).

If I really put my brain to work, it all kind of starts to make sense. That whole “effortless” look is in, right? So what says “I totally didn’t try, except I totally did” than a pair of fashion-forward sneaks (eek, never thought I’d say that); the answer is nothing. We must also accredit Stella McCartney for this trend, who paired up with Adidas to create her adidas by Stella McCartney line. Stella showed us that we can wear sneakers to red-carpet events as wall as/instead of the gym.

By no means am I protesting this trend that’s basically telling me it’s ok not to force my feet into a teeny tiny space with a super high heel. But I must admit this is all a little weird for me and will take some getting used to. Before this I thought sneakers were for moms and athletes, not the world’s finest fashionistas. Though I am very proud to announce that I’ve taken a baby step into the trendy direction and ordered a pair of white leather high-tops which I am super duper psyched about. My next step is summoning up the guts to pair them with my finest attire. We’ll see how well that goes.

sneakers 2

via The Sartorialist

sneakers 3

via The Sartorialist


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