An Irrelevant Birthday + The Big E

I turned 19 on Saturday. 


If you ask me, that is such an irrelevant age – I’m already an adult but still a teenager. There’s no fun in being 19 so I’ll just lie to people and tell them I’m older.

I take back the no fun part – there was a little fun when my fam came up for the weekend and took me to The Big E. “The Big E” is a giant state fair in Springfield, MA that I’ve attended almost every year of my life, beginning when I was just a little fetus (but actually). Unfortunately Sunday was the last day but if you haven’t already been, I HIGHLY recommend you plan a trip next year – you’re tasetbuds will thank you. And if you don’t believe me, I have snapchat to prove it to you. Prepare to get hungry…

*Background Info* There are five “houses” (more like big brick buildings) at The Big E and each house represents a state in New England. The houses are full of food vendors selling food from their state. Example: the Vermont house sells maple syrup and the Rhode Island house has a bunch of seafood. Get it? Good, let’s continue.

photo 2

New Hampshire’s corn – a personal favorite.

photo 5

Donuts from… well, I don’t really remember.

photo 6

The line for this bad boy was crazy long but totally worth it.

photo 7

A little something to remind me of summer.

photo 8

Obvi not chicken, but kettle corn.

photo 9

And ice cream on the way out, just because.


It’s currently 9pm and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open – too much birthday, not enough sleep. Goodnight.


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