Bye bye hair.

photo 53

This is just the first of many changes I plan to make in my life. Not saying I am unhappy with my life at the moment, but I do feel unfulfilled. I want to spend more time on myself and that means a lot more blogging. I love to write and I’ve sort of lost track of that in the past few weeks when I became completely overwhelmed with school work. This forced me to take a step back and look at my life as a whole. This re-evaluation of my life has made me want to become a better person. Again, not saying I view myself as a “bad” person but I do believe there is room for improvement. My first step on the path of changes was donating 10 inches of my hair to locks-of-love. The entire thing was such a terrifyingly invigorating experience. My heart pounded the entire time (three hours to be exact) but I couldn’t stop smiling. I feel like a weight’s been lifted, both literally and figuratively. I am already so happy with the baby steps I’ve been making and happy with where I see myself going.

I know I said that my 19th year of life would be “irrelevant” but perhaps I spoke too soon.


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