Bringin’ Back the 70s

My Visual Merchandising Professor told my class that the 70s color palette is coming back for Spring 2015, so here I am relaying that information to you.

70s color 9

A very major part of all trends is color. Today I learned that there is even something out there called the “Color Association of the United States” who we can thank for bringing certain colors “in” and “out” depending on season and trend-forecasting. It’s crazy to think that there’s an association just for color, but then again there’s someone out there who makes a living off of naming nail polishes so I guess it’s not that crazy. Back to what I was saying before about the 1970s – when I think 70s I think bell-bottom jeans and shag rugs, which (thank goodness) are not the part of the 1970s designers chose to bring back for Spring 2015, but rather the colors from that groovy decade.

70s color 1

Here’s a poster by Sebastian Nordlund created in (you guessed it!) 1976. This is a prime example of the colors you should be keeping your eye out for the Spring 2015 season.

70s color 3 70s color 4 70s color 5

Elie Saab Spring 2015 RTW via

70s color 8 70s color 7 70s color 6

Bally Spring 2015 RTW via

austin powers


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