My Life Through Instagram

I am instagram crazy. Wait, no – I am instagram insane.

Here’s an update of my life through instagram pictures.

photo 58

I found myself in a Best Buy bathroom in Fenway the other night with crazy amazing lighting so I took a bathroom mirror selfie. I am def a little embarrassed but a lot happier with how the picture came out so I instagrammed it. via @SamanthaGuarnieri

photo 10

I have fallen IN LOVE with Nicole Richie’s hair color and am currently considering doing the same to my hair. Any thoughts??? Any objections??!!??!? via @NicoleRichie

photo 54

I made pumpkin spice waffles last weekend – I am so white, fat, and happy! via @SamanthaGuarnieri

photo 55

This wasn’t posted to instagram (yet) but I purchased my first Casio watch with some bday money I had and my mom made fun of me for it. LOVE YOU TOO MOM.

photo 11

I am currently saving up for/convincing my dad to get me a french bulldog because, well – just look at that face!!!! via @ShopRyanPorter

photo 57

Lately, I’ve found happiness in hamburger & french fries socks and white leather converse. This was taken last night when I lied in bed for a solid hour with only one shoe on because laziness.


Looking forward to the beautiful autumn week ahead – and the countless landscape pictures I’ll be liking on instagram!


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