How the Snowpacolypse Changed Me

I write to you from a bus – seated next to an old man who smells like farts and sips from a bottle of cough syrup – just thought you should know that.

FullSizeRender 4

*This is the only picture I’ve taken over the last few days – me with my legs crossed (like a lady), clenching my Starbucks (like a white girl), and sitting in South Station (like a loner).*

So I’m stuck in my sheltered little basement dorm room for a full 24 hours – now what? Well, in my observations of those around me, I decide that snow days should be days of absolute nothing. I pull up Netflix, throw off my pants, throw a few blankets over me, and tuck a bag of Veggie Sticks under my arm. All of a sudden, only about four hours in (and a bag of Veggie Sticks later), I am angry, annoyed, twitching, and develop this unsettling feeling in my gut. Why?! I simply cannot bear the idea of sitting in the same spot doing the same thing for an extended period of time. It is PAINFUL. I start to question my life and my future, and before I know it I’ve convinced myself that my life is going n o w h e r e . The sad thoughts of my sad future make me want to cry, puke, and throw a puppy all at the same time. But then I got over it.

As a college student living in a Boston suburb, it is very hard to imagine what my future has in store. My routine becomes too normal for my liking and I grow sick of always seeing the same faces. I am constantly reminding myself why I am where I am – which is a horrible feeling. This is just the first step on your journey to success. One day you’ll be some crazy successful woman living in New York City. One day you will be the woman that girls your age aspire to become. ONE DAY! Then my stomach settles and I get right back into my same old routine with a semi-genuine smile slapped across my face. The day of the snowpocalypse arouses one of those moments and despite my desperate self-motivating techniques I could not escape my funk. So this got me thinking and thinking some more and thinking even more. After all, I was stuck in confinement for 24 hours, for the first time ever gagging at the idea of turning on Netflix, and had nothing to do but allow my mind to wonder. Maybe I should move to California? No, I can’t be that far from my mom. Maybe I should drop out of school? No, then I’d seriously be lost. Maybe I should DO SOMETHING? YES SAM, THAT’S IT!!!! It suddenly became clear to me that this routine and life I had become all too accustomed to was simply making me unhappy and not even one of my fancy self-given pep talks was going to cheer me up. I simply needed to DO SOMETHING.

So here I am, on a packed bus home to Connecticut, excited for a nice change in scenery. Plans are currently in progress, but a weekend of adventure is most definitely in store. And that’s that. It’s time for Sam to do things, see things, meet new people, and remove herself from the tiny little bubble of a college-student life. I will leave it at that – more (exciting???) details to come! CHEERS TO THE FREAKIN’ WEEKEND.


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