I am a Stereotype

…except like WAY better.

So here I am, shopping bags in one hand and a single-pump cinnamon dolce latte in the other – but don’t call me a “white girl”.

FullSizeRender 5

Reasons why I am a stereotype:

  1. I say dumb things like “There’s no such thing as too much tequila.” (sad, but true story).
  2. I treat Starbucks like it’s a drug.
  3. I flip my hair every three seconds.
  4. I find happiness in spending money (especially when it comes to sales).
  5. And I wear heels even when there’s two feet of snow on the ground.

Reasons why I am not a stereotype:

  1. I am incredibly opinionated.
  2. I have lots and lots of goals for myself and my career.
  3. I am constantly eating and/or thinking about food.
  4. I thrive in diverse settings.
  5. And my iTunes library is absolutely nothing like you would imagine it to be.

Stereotypes can be fun to joke and laugh about at times, but what’s not fun about a stereotype is when someone doesn’t want to interact with you based on the person they think you are. It is to those people that I’d like to say – get to know someone (aka this white girl!) before you judge them to be “boring” or “annoying” based on the stereotype you’ve subconsciously given them. The stereotypical aspects about me (identified above) are true, but every other “white girl” stereotype you have in your head go ahead and delete them now because that is not who I am. And I know I speak for a lot of people in discussing such a sensitive topic – specifically those of you who have been handed a stereotype by your peers based on an ignorant perception and opinion made of you. So in some ways, yes, we all belong to a stereotype – but in many other ways we do not.


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