What It’s Like To Be An Outgoing Introvert

Allow me to paint you a picture really quick… I work in an office that’s pretty much just one really big room with a few desks, computers, couches, etc. There’s this sort of “intern table” if you will, where all the interns sit and work the entire work day. Despite the presence of this “intern table” I am still pretty much allowed to sit and work from where I wish to. For the first few weeks, I sat and worked beside my fellow interns at our unofficial “intern table.” Though now, I opt to sit and work from a table further away all by my lonesome, while all other interns sit together, yet separate from me. I really do have a love/hate relationship with being social. Those who meet me often title me an “extrovert” but I’d have to disagree. As outgoing as I can be at times, I prefer being alone – seeking comfort in my own company. For the longest time I too thought I was an extrovert, but the older I got the more I realized that I lacked most essential qualities needed to be an extrovert. I prefer working alone, I prefer going places alone, I prefer being alone BUT I am also very good at being social. I typically don’t have a problem talking to strangers or making new friends and enjoy doing all of these things, but when put in these situations for extended periods of time or way too often, I get socially exhausted and need to be alone for a while. When I finally realized who I am and what I should be identifying as, I viewed it as an obstacle I was supposed to overcome. Push through the exhaustion, just force yourself to go out and meet new people and have fun. But what I didn’t realize was that it was OK to take a step back, it was ok to alienate myself at times, and it was ok to be an outgoing introvert. IMG_3526 Now that I’ve come to terms with my situation (???) I’m a lot more content with myself and my life. So going forward I would like all my fellow outgoing introverts to know – yes, it is possible and it is OK. Samantha

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