It Ain’t All Rooftops and Happy Times

Everything on the internet is often sugar-coated so this is my desperate attempt to keep it real.

It may be hard to believe that someone who’s life appears so perfect on social media can actually suck so bad. Ok, my life doesn’t suck, but in my mind – the way my brain works – it almost always feels like it does. Allow me to explain (in third person, if you will):

Sam wakes up every morning sad. Sam is thinking about the millions of tasks she needs to get done that day. Sam tries her hardest to be optimistic about getting everything done. Sam wishes her life were easier. THEN Sam must remind herself that her life is actually pretty fucking fantastic. Sam has achieved almost EVERY goal she’s wished to achieve thus far in life. But then again, Sam wants to achieve MORE and struggles to reflect and smile about the great accomplishments she’s made thus far. 

Sometime my little morning pep-talks work and sometimes they do not. Lately, they’ve proven mostly unsuccessful.

And that’s all for my short story on what real life’s been like lately.


Me on a roof again.


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