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Join me on my journey to self-discovery. I can't promise I won't pity myself at times, but I can promise you will laugh - either with me or at me.

New Year, New Me?

Wrong. Same me.


I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around the whole new year thing. This is probably due to the fact that up until two days ago (12/30/14) I was completely unaware that a new year was so so EXTREMELY close. For some reason I thought I had more time in 2014. So I apologize for my lack of sentimentality (?) but I cannot stand to be even a little bit sappy today, no matter how hard I try.

Allow me to return to the topic of “new year, new me” for a little. A lot of people view a new year as a new beginning, though in my opinion everyday could be perceived as a new beginning. Now I don’t mean to shun those of you who have a shopping-list of new year’s resolutions, resolutions are never bad. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if there is something you want to change about yourself/life or an opportunity you want to take or even a new activity you want to try, start today. When I say “today” I don’t mean the new year. “Today” represents any day and everyday. Resolutions should be made every single day, not just once every new year.

Aside from the resolutions, a new year is a great way/excuse to reflect on the old year. Reflecting has always been difficult for me because I am way too consumed in the present and even the future. Though what I must constantly remind myself of is how important reflection is to one’s success. So here I am forcing as many corny reflections as I possibly can out of the year 2014.

I traveled…

IMG_0083 IMG_0616

Block Island, RI (favorite place in the world)

IMG_8377 IMG_8299

Spring Break in Florida

IMG_0161 2 IMG_0215

Visited Family in Santa Cruz, CA

IMG_1136 IMG_1149

Road Tripped to San Francisco, CA

I created…

 IMG_8075 IMG_8583  IMG_2430 IMG_7562

A Lot of Art


Pecan Bourbon Pie (ALL BY MYSELF)

I fell in love…


With the Color Black

I discovered…


Quincy Market Tree Lighting 2014

IMG_1552 IMG_7911

First Red Sox Game – Fenway

IMG_2327 IMG_2637

Copley Square/Newbury St (A LOT)

I donated…

IMG_1728 2

12 Inches of Hair to Locks of Love (BEST DECISION OF 2014)

I made dreams come true…


Spent Summer in NYC

photo copy 3 photo copy 6-001

Interned for Susanna Galanis

IMG_0747 IMG_9830

Sipped Champagne at Bergdorf’s & Wished for Shoes at Barney’s

IMG_1300 IMG_1299

Attended Fashion Week (Feat. Alexa, My Love)


Met My Role Models (Diane von Furstenburg & Linda Fargo)

photo 4 copy 2 photo 18

Discovered the Magic of NYC Rooftops

IMG_9916 2 IMG_8589

RAN – Two 5k Races & One Five Mile Race (PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT OF 2014)


Farewell, 2014 – you’ve been nothing short of fabulous!


My Life Through Instagram

I am instagram crazy. Wait, no – I am instagram insane.

Here’s an update of my life through instagram pictures.

photo 58

I found myself in a Best Buy bathroom in Fenway the other night with crazy amazing lighting so I took a bathroom mirror selfie. I am def a little embarrassed but a lot happier with how the picture came out so I instagrammed it. via @SamanthaGuarnieri

photo 10

I have fallen IN LOVE with Nicole Richie’s hair color and am currently considering doing the same to my hair. Any thoughts??? Any objections??!!??!? via @NicoleRichie

photo 54

I made pumpkin spice waffles last weekend – I am so white, fat, and happy! via @SamanthaGuarnieri

photo 55

This wasn’t posted to instagram (yet) but I purchased my first Casio watch with some bday money I had and my mom made fun of me for it. LOVE YOU TOO MOM.

photo 11

I am currently saving up for/convincing my dad to get me a french bulldog because, well – just look at that face!!!! via @ShopRyanPorter

photo 57

Lately, I’ve found happiness in hamburger & french fries socks and white leather converse. This was taken last night when I lied in bed for a solid hour with only one shoe on because laziness.


Looking forward to the beautiful autumn week ahead – and the countless landscape pictures I’ll be liking on instagram!


Bringin’ Back the 70s

My Visual Merchandising Professor told my class that the 70s color palette is coming back for Spring 2015, so here I am relaying that information to you.

70s color 9

A very major part of all trends is color. Today I learned that there is even something out there called the “Color Association of the United States” who we can thank for bringing certain colors “in” and “out” depending on season and trend-forecasting. It’s crazy to think that there’s an association just for color, but then again there’s someone out there who makes a living off of naming nail polishes so I guess it’s not that crazy. Back to what I was saying before about the 1970s – when I think 70s I think bell-bottom jeans and shag rugs, which (thank goodness) are not the part of the 1970s designers chose to bring back for Spring 2015, but rather the colors from that groovy decade.

70s color 1

Here’s a poster by Sebastian Nordlund created in (you guessed it!) 1976. This is a prime example of the colors you should be keeping your eye out for the Spring 2015 season.

70s color 3 70s color 4 70s color 5

Elie Saab Spring 2015 RTW via

70s color 8 70s color 7 70s color 6

Bally Spring 2015 RTW via

austin powers



Bye bye hair.

photo 53

This is just the first of many changes I plan to make in my life. Not saying I am unhappy with my life at the moment, but I do feel unfulfilled. I want to spend more time on myself and that means a lot more blogging. I love to write and I’ve sort of lost track of that in the past few weeks when I became completely overwhelmed with school work. This forced me to take a step back and look at my life as a whole. This re-evaluation of my life has made me want to become a better person. Again, not saying I view myself as a “bad” person but I do believe there is room for improvement. My first step on the path of changes was donating 10 inches of my hair to locks-of-love. The entire thing was such a terrifyingly invigorating experience. My heart pounded the entire time (three hours to be exact) but I couldn’t stop smiling. I feel like a weight’s been lifted, both literally and figuratively. I am already so happy with the baby steps I’ve been making and happy with where I see myself going.

I know I said that my 19th year of life would be “irrelevant” but perhaps I spoke too soon.


An Irrelevant Birthday + The Big E

I turned 19 on Saturday. 


If you ask me, that is such an irrelevant age – I’m already an adult but still a teenager. There’s no fun in being 19 so I’ll just lie to people and tell them I’m older.

I take back the no fun part – there was a little fun when my fam came up for the weekend and took me to The Big E. “The Big E” is a giant state fair in Springfield, MA that I’ve attended almost every year of my life, beginning when I was just a little fetus (but actually). Unfortunately Sunday was the last day but if you haven’t already been, I HIGHLY recommend you plan a trip next year – you’re tasetbuds will thank you. And if you don’t believe me, I have snapchat to prove it to you. Prepare to get hungry…

*Background Info* There are five “houses” (more like big brick buildings) at The Big E and each house represents a state in New England. The houses are full of food vendors selling food from their state. Example: the Vermont house sells maple syrup and the Rhode Island house has a bunch of seafood. Get it? Good, let’s continue.

photo 2

New Hampshire’s corn – a personal favorite.

photo 5

Donuts from… well, I don’t really remember.

photo 6

The line for this bad boy was crazy long but totally worth it.

photo 7

A little something to remind me of summer.

photo 8

Obvi not chicken, but kettle corn.

photo 9

And ice cream on the way out, just because.


It’s currently 9pm and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open – too much birthday, not enough sleep. Goodnight.


Sneakers Are Taking Over

Why you should go buy sneakers. Now. Right now.

Sneakers 1

via The Sartorialist  

I was scrolling through The Sartorialist the other night and could not help but notice that every single image portrayed an impeccably dressed woman… WEARING SNEAKERS. It didn’t matter how expensive the outfit or how exquisite the dress, everyone completed their ensemble with a sporty and very casual shoe. Up until now I had this idea that women who paired skirts with sneakers were more functional than fashionable but suddenly I’ve been forced to question that theory. Sneakers are no longer for the mere use of comfort and practicality but to actually make a fashion statement (what?!??).

If I really put my brain to work, it all kind of starts to make sense. That whole “effortless” look is in, right? So what says “I totally didn’t try, except I totally did” than a pair of fashion-forward sneaks (eek, never thought I’d say that); the answer is nothing. We must also accredit Stella McCartney for this trend, who paired up with Adidas to create her adidas by Stella McCartney line. Stella showed us that we can wear sneakers to red-carpet events as wall as/instead of the gym.

By no means am I protesting this trend that’s basically telling me it’s ok not to force my feet into a teeny tiny space with a super high heel. But I must admit this is all a little weird for me and will take some getting used to. Before this I thought sneakers were for moms and athletes, not the world’s finest fashionistas. Though I am very proud to announce that I’ve taken a baby step into the trendy direction and ordered a pair of white leather high-tops which I am super duper psyched about. My next step is summoning up the guts to pair them with my finest attire. We’ll see how well that goes.

sneakers 2

via The Sartorialist

sneakers 3

via The Sartorialist


Half Marathon Training: Creating a Routine

I wish I could put into words how crazy this past week has been, but I can’t.

Quitting Quote

I’ve started a new school year, in a new home, with new classes, and new faces – it is exhausting. With so many new things happening I’ve struggled to find a new training routine that works for my schedule. I’m slowly figuring out when I can run and where I can run but I still don’t have everything down-pat. Speaking of where to run, I got lost a few times last week while running outdoors, but then again it’s all part of the learning process. I also found myself unintentionally running an extremely hilly route and struggling to finish. On top of a new routine, my shins are struggling to grow accustom to my change in paths. At home I often run on dirt/gravel trails, but while at school I often run on the sidewalk or in the road. Hello shinsplints. While on my life-is-so-difficult rant I must add that I’ve been sick these past couple of days. There appears to be mold growing in my ceiling and my sinuses decided to go a-wall on me. Things got so bad on Sunday (my long run day) that I had to skip my run altogether. So now that I’ve bored you with all of my stresses, let me add that I am slowly but surely figuring my new routine out. Balancing classes, homework, training, work, and attempting to have a social like is very difficult – but then again, I love being busy. (That wasn’t sarcasm, I swear).


Half Marathon Training: The Start of Something New

Half marathon here I come!

I started seriously running at the beginning of this year and ever since completing my first 5k in April I’ve wanted to push myself even further. I LOVE a challenge and there really is no bigger challenge than running 13.1 miles – I’m out of breathe just thinking about it. But eventually, in just 12 short weeks to be exact, I will be keeled over at the finish line having just completed my first half marathon. This weekly series will be a way for me to keep track of and serve as a reminder to how far I’ve come in completing one of the most physically and mentally challenging tasks of my life. I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF I’M SO EXCITED!

photo 50

My first training week down, I feel uh-mazing! The training schedule I am following starts off easy for the first two weeks then slowly begins to pick up. Also, since I spent my first week of training at home, my mom and I were able to run together. We decided to sign up for the half-marathon as a pair, this way we can motivate each other. And even though I’m three hours away from her right now 😥 we plan to continue to train together, just in separate places. I must say, a running buddy does make the experience a whole lot better. I like to run at a pace that I am still able to hold a steady conversation and there truly is no better distraction from exhaustion (and a little suffering) than being able to have a conversation with someone. So, if you plan on running a race, or just running at all, my number one tip is to drag someone along with you. Even though my mom won’t be here to run with me everyday, we still serve as motivation to each other and hold the other accountable for sticking to the training schedule. That’s right mom – no skipping days!

About the shoes – it’s been a solid year since I’ve purchased a new pair of sneakers and my old ones just weren’t doing the job anymore. Sport’s Authority was having a huge sale Labor Day weekend so I picked up these flashy new pair of ASICS. I typically don’t go for super flashy but I’m hoping that when I “can’t run any further” I’ll take a glimpse down at these bad boys and gain a second wind.

So if you see a girl running with rainbows on her feet, it’s just me.


Fambrini’s Produce – Santa Cruz, CA

It’s no secret that I am a sucker for some fresh produce.


When the family and I were driving up the California coast, making our way from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, we passed the cutest little family farm and I insisted my mom turn the car around. She complied – and this is what it looked like:





I wish I could crawl into this bucket of lavender and live there forever.


And of course, my dad had to have his fun too.


Now I’m back on the east coast with come post-vacation blues.



Mom Eats a Cupcake

I’ve been busy.

I had intended on posting frequently while away but with sight-seeing, wifi issues,, and working on my second guest post for A Life in the Fashion Lane I haven’t had the time. And quite frankly, when I do get a spare moment I choose to spend it in the hot tub – priorities.

To keep you entertained in the meantime, here are a few photos I captured of my mom eating a cupcake. It’s a pretty hilarious sight.

IMG_0294 IMG_0295 IMG_0296